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Featured Case Studies

Our technology is flexible enough to adapt to your needs, keep costs down, and provide the signage you require. Take a look at some of the applications we've been involved in over the years.

Application: Illuminating the contour of the showroom building’s front exterior wall

Design Goal:Creating a continuous halo effect around the 500 feet long wall, without exposing the light fixtures

Product Installed:SignRayz APEX G2 LED modules, AgiLight Sign White (ASW) color

SignRayz APEX G2 LED module features 215 lumens per foot, providing enough light to meet designer’s brightness requirement.

The wide light pattern from APEX G2 LED modules helps to generate a uniform and continuous lighting effect around this wall.

AgiLight’s technology ONEwhite™ provides a consistent white color of light for this long wall, ensuring a high quality of light in meeting the lighting design goal.

Because of it small size, APEX G2 LED modules were installed in a narrow channel built into the wall element that is hidden when viewing in front of the wall. This helps to achieve the design goal of “seeing the light, but not the light fixture”